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  • I think space and arrow keys are universal for these things. I only added it cos I kept pressing space to start/stop playing but it scrolled down the page instead.
  • You can now play and pause with the space bar. Also skip forward or backwards 15 seconds with arrow keys, there's a slight delay while the audio catches up tho.
  • @oki said: so for full, i guess start trigger to end trigger? Trying to figure out if I can set a play time, like it will add a play if you listen to 3 minutes say, or a percentage of the mix. Or count the first click of the play button …
  • I've tweaked the player on the page to show who is currently playing. I could make it show each sample too (or the cover art for them) as they play but I need the exact times they start and stop. Easy done but quite a bit of work. Been trying to…
  • Right, executive decision time. Lets just get it out there tomorrow, tuesday's are good for releases surely. I'll try and get a play and download counter on the page once I figure out some code (or nick some). Would be good to make it embeddable…
  • I've tried this mosaic thing for hours and can't get it any better. The problem is getting the "rebooted" bit sharper. We could drop the "rebooted" so it's just 72 but it would be too close to the first 72 cover. Or we could completely change the…
    in 72 cover art Comment by pom July 15
  • @Kylgore said: But here are my complete covers anyways... avec Andy May. OOOSH! I did sneak Andy May in there somewhere.
    in 72 cover art Comment by pom July 15
  • I'm getting nowhere with the cover art. Shall we just release it as is?
  • Sorry, been dealing with other stuff this past week. @HappyCatDisco said: Am I too late, or can I go next? Ah, would've loved to have you in the mix but I'm afraid it's all over for this one. We'll probably do another but would like…
  • 72 cover art talk: 72 video talk:
  • @not_i said: Are we planning to upload individual videos or a giant one spliced together for the whole mix? Has to be a giant one if we can. If it's the latter and the plan is to upload to Youtube, isn't it 98% certain that the vid …
  • Here's all the covers (numbered in order) if anyone wants a crack at it. I've been using AndreaMosaic but here's a few others.
    in 72 cover art Comment by pom July 9
  • This was an accident but I quite like it. All the covers, only once, at a higher tile resolution.
    in 72 cover art Comment by pom July 9
  • This one uses most of the covers but only once. (210 tiles so some covers missing).
    in 72 cover art Comment by pom July 9
  • This one has a smaller tile resolution and uses more covers but the larger detail gets blurry.
    in 72 cover art Comment by pom July 9
  • @oki said: so, well wait with promoting it untill the art is ready, right? im totally willing to make a video for my bit. yall think we could pull that off, have everybody make a vid for their part, and put it together? Yeah I'll t…
  • @DJ_NAGAIUTB said: I gotta say, I've just listened back again whilst mildly under the influence and it's a corker. Thanks for dragging me out of self-imposed exile guys and girls, this is bangin' Kinda makes all that stress worth it, eh?
  • I've "mastered" the mix and uploaded it, so the mix on the rebooted page is now the mastered one. When I say mastered, most of it's identical to the raw mix, just a couple of parts I nudged up or down 1db. …
  • @groboclone said: Voila That's brilliant. Kinda got me wanting a vid for the whole mix now.... it's do-able.
  • Cheers @ThomasLJackson , a meta ending. You could make a perfect loop of the entire mix. @oki said: pom so that was the last one? Yep, that's us at 72 minutes 49 seconds. We did it! Pat yourselves on the backs, everybody. We s…
  • @leespoons said: (minus the YouTube sources although I could add jpgs of Mary Whitehouse and Daddy Freddy if you really want to) If we're gonna collect them we might as well get them all cos nobody'll be arsed to do it later.
  • Cheers peeps, that'll save a bunch of time.
  • @oki said: all sounds good, pom. dont think im the art guy, i have no idea what youre talking about, lol. but it sounds like a huge job It's a good couple of hours of google image search. I've not counted how many samples are in the mix …
  • @DJ_NAGAIUTB said: Given its the 10th anniversary we should get it pressed on vinyl, strictly limited to 72 copies, and present it in a silver box with a gold-leaf embossed "72" on the front. I'm willing to play the lottery for a couple of weeks …
  • The first 72 cover... I did a gif too cos I had all the covers.... Just wondering if we could do a video with covers showing at the times they play. Might be a lot of work but would be very excellent.
  • Oh, a couple of things, everybody. Artwork Shall we replicate the first 72 mix cover? It means someone collecting the record covers of every track used (or a fitting representation). Then using a mosaic program to stitch them together. Any vol…
  • @DJ_NAGAIUTB said: So, I remembered why I burnt all my software and vowed to only ever listen to the records of Daniel O'Donnell all those years ago... what a stress! You haven't really 72ed if you haven't stressed, but the more tension t…
  • :gasp: The legendary garments! Some say the Jumper Of Crumpl makes the wearer invisible to cats.
  • @MrFive said: ... Colatron -- 72 hour deadline: 6pm (GMT), Friday 28th ... ;( Oops messed the deadline up. On now: DJ_NAGAIUTB -- 72 hour deadline: 7pm (GMT), Monday 1st Next: Thomas L Jackson


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