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  • Well that's Useo's 72 hours up and no sign of him. I'll find out if he was aware it was his turn. In the meantime we keep this moving on schedule. Over to you @MsMiep We'll start your 72 hours from about now. Lets say deadline at 1am (GMT), Su…
  • Ok @DJUSEO12 , over to you now. We'll start your 72 hours from now-ish. Your deadline is 10pm (GMT) on Wednesday 22nd. Grab Lee Spoons part from here... Have fun
  • That's @leespoons part uploaded and added to the full mix. And it's a cracker.
  • Ive got @leespoons bit btw, updating the mix now.
  • Just made a fancy waveform player for the mix, check it... Gonna try and add timed comments showing the samples currently playing too.
  • @groboclone said: I'm in! Excellent! I've added you to the list. I guestimate it'll take 34-ish days to get round to you (sooner if people finish early or go awol). Here's how it's looking right now... On now: leespoons --72 h…
  • Updated the mix again...
  • @scottcairo said: Oh by the way, I delivered on time it just took a long time to upload OK Your clocking in card checks out. I like it btw. I'll start your 72 hours from about now @leespoons Lets make the deadline 6pm, Sunday 19th …
  • I've got Scott's part, will upload in the next couple of hours. Get ready @leespoons
  • @oki said: did scott see it? Yep, he's on it.
  • Got the mix page updated again...
  • Sorry, been on read-only mode over the weekend. It's perfect now @jpr . I'll get the mix page updated now. @scottcairo you're up next then. Let's start your 72 hours from nowish, so your deadline will be 11pm on Wednesday 15th. Hope you're r…
  • Nice one @jpr Pretty banging. @jpr said: ....hope the sound levels are ok @pom It's really loud tbh. Have you got a compressor on there? Any chance you could ease up on the threshold by about 5 dBs?
  • @ToToM said: Spank Rock featuring Santigold - Car Song (instrumental) Garbage - Only Happy when it Rains (acapella) Depeche Mode - People are People (acapella) Presets - Kicking and Screaming (instrumental) Cheers, I gue…
  • Here's the mixing/mastering guidelines....
  • Poor @garagara 's had the frustration of dealing with my nagging requests and trying to mix at -6db which goes against everything he's learned about dynamics and stuff. This mix shouldn't be a hassle but all this technical stuff does suck some of…
  • Right, lets keep this moving. @jpr, use this file for mixing into.... I'll start your 72 hours from now.
  • @garagara said: No worries I'll do that tonight. Although if everyone after me mixed to the same level we'd only need to bring them all up once at the end! Good stuff. Yeah in theory that'd work but with these things the volume creeps up…
  • Nice one as always @garagara @garagara said: i've not compressed my master, assume that'll happen at the end. Here's the thing, when I edit your part into the mix we get this... I could fix it by turning your part up but it's…
  • I've changed the default front page to discussions, instead of categories. You can still change between them with the icons at the top of the page. Which do you prefer, how it is just now (discussions) or how it was (categories)?
    in Board tweaks Comment by pom May 3
  • Updated the mix so far... @ToToM Could you list your sources when you get a chance?
  • @ToToM said: 2019 05 I finished my bit. Even if it needs tweaking for whatever reason, the last 16 measures will remain as is. Go @garagara Good stuff @ToToM, t…
  • Got the mix updated, you can check how it's going here...
  • Good stuff @Rudec. Ok @ToToM , your 72 hours starts now. You've got until 11pm, Monday 6th. I think you know how it works, remember to keep your part under 3 minutes 30 seconds (not including start and ends). Drop some bangers!
  • Time's up @Rudec , let's hear what you've done.
  • Oh yes! My money's on @Kylgore winning this one.
  • Yeah, you could join in and make something but you can't pick yourself as the winner.
  • Dunno if you know, @jpr, but as winner you get to set the next challenge for us. It can be as vague or specific as you like. Just start a new post for the May challenge.
  • Top job @jpr! Still got the skills. Looking forward to the next challenge.


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