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  • Got all hyped up about this one and I can't understand why LOL My song info below. Style: Instrumental HipHop Ways the sample is used: * Acordeon sound; * Guitar notes; * Guitar chords; * Strings for the main melody. All made on Ablet…
  • Are we supposed to use stuff from other songs (for mashups) or just originals like with royalty-free sample packs? Will it be a christmas theme thing or anything goes? Either way I'm in
    in Secret Sampla Comment by Rudec October 2
  • Let's talk in the chat group
  • @oki said: thanks! its a 606, actually. best hihats on any drum machine. yea usually i just throw one out in one session. but sometimes when im doing a project, i still get that, keep working untill i cant listen to it anymore lol... but …
  • @oki said: here's mine. some tekno vibes. cut the sample up a bit, repeated parts, some effect on some. plus hardware drums and synth. crazy beat man! the best part i…
  • @DJHazard said: Nice! Anyone else get a Missy Elliot vibe from this? Thanks mate! I was going more for an Air (take La Femme d'Argent for example) style but I'll take it!
  • Got some free time on my hands and this is what came out. Sample used as follows: * Changed track to midi feed by the sample, then added an arpeggiator and sampler to restrict the sample t…
  • Got some free time on my hands and this is what came out.
  • And this is how it sounds
  • @oki said: had a listen to yours. love it! nice house vibe. you did waaay more with the sample then me... maybe next time ill try using the sample stuff exclusive, if possible. Thanks! I think sample exclusive is too complicated a…
  • @oki said: one person on crumplbangers facebook reacted, but his comment is gone now? I only see your 3 comments and my answer... @oki said: here it is. i used two bits, one main, one as a break. didnt do anything special …
  • @oki said: mine is almost done. great! too bad no more feedback from other people too... lets see when this is released.
  • Hey guys! My track is done! Style: Deep House Ways the sample is used: * solo with lots of delay * chords * delay and cut chords for added rhythm * bass Also added some chopped vocals, did my own beat and added some simple rhythmic loo…
  • stuff I don't really like in it (all personal taste stuff I guess): * the kick is distorted; * the auto-pan on the sound at 1:58 is distracting; * overall sounds a bit too much compressed but can be the work headphones that are weak. stuf…
    in Remedy Remix Comment by Rudec August 12


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