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All new 72

This year is the 10th anniversary of the first 72 mix.

Dust off your DAWs, gather a bunch of acapellas and samples and lets do this!

Who's in?


  • That'll be an affirmative

  • Ich bin in.
  • Yep, let’s do this.
  • Good stuff. Think there's a few more on fb up for it too that haven't turned up here yet.

    Question is, when should we start it?
    Once we start it's gonna be unstoppable, we have to be ruthless with deadlines to keep it going.

    There's probably not an ideal time for anybody so should we just go for it in a week or two?
    I'll try and chase up some of the old crew that went awol.

  • Here's everybody from all 72 mixes (in the order they appear).

    It'd be great if we could get everybody back for another mix.
    Most are still floating around and easy to find, others have moved on and probably want no part in this nonsense.
    No harm in asking tho.

    If you know the whereabouts of anybody on the list, see if you can convince them to pop past and say hi at least.
    And if they fire up their DAWs again for one more go, even better.

    Eddie Pedalo
    Irn Mnky
    Lee Spoons
    World Famous Audio Hacker

    Ian Fondue
    Dylan Vasey
    Winkar Lopez
    Scott Cairo
    CjR Mix
    Eternal Khaos
    DJ Useo


  • I could get in touch with most of them but no idea where these guys are now...

    World Famous Audio Hacker

  • Let's kick this off in April. Gives us a few weeks to gather the troops and get mentally prepared.

    Sound good?

  • If you might be looking for newbies.. lemmie know

  • Everybody's welcome and I'd be disappointed if you weren't on it.

  • @pom said:
    Everybody's welcome and I'd be disappointed if you weren't on it.


  • I'm in 👊
  • I've merged all the threads so far into this one and gonna start a new official one for doing the mix in.

    We're starting next Monday. The 22nd. Hope you're all ready.

  • Right that's most of the original crew contacted.
    No idea where Kai or Radioface are, if you do give them a heads up.

    Also, newbs are welcome. Spread the word.

  • I'm in!

  • @Hawkins said:
    I'm in!

    Brilliant. It's all happening in the other thread. I'll add you to the list.

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