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Email problems?

edited April 2019 in Crumplbangers

There's no email functionality on this server yet. I'll set it up soon.

You can still register, post and comment without one. I'll manually confirm new members till we get emails running.


  • Email's are now working. You should get a confirmation email when you register, check your spam folder.

    You can change email notifications in your settings too.

  • The confirmation email didn't work it seems...

    I'll wait a bit, I registered only a few minutes ago.
  • Yeah emails broke during the new server install, trying to fix them now.

    I'll confirm your account manually for you.

  • Emails are working again. Check yo spam folder if they don't show up.

  • If anyone's not receiving account confirmation emails let me know and I'll approve your account manually.
    Check your spam/trash folders first.

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