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Flip The Tune 02 - Aliens!

Flip The Tune is an idea copied from Andrew Huang's youtube channel, where a few producers take a sample and make a song with it, making that sample the focal point of the song.

How To: Each producer can use all the loops they want to create the song and will have until the end of each month to do it or at least to show something based on it.
Everything from dubious software to official DAWs can be used, you can even steal samples from other songs, just not the whole thing, this is not mashup making, it's remixing and original creations only.

Duration: Work towards a track with at least 1m30s and don't worry about it being too long, can't put chackles on creativity!
Just no need to add a huge beat intro/ending (see examples for more info), we're not looking for extended mixes.

Posting of the songs: Everything works here, sowndhaus, soundcloud,, youtube, you name it, as long as one can listen to it.
Choose your song name and tag #flipthetune so we start to get noticed for that tag.

More info on the subject and examples from Andrew Huang in the discussion post (which probably be active every month to decide the next sample to be "flipped")
Here -

No entry fee which leads to no prizes awarded :lol: but we'll make good feedback on the production, track composition, sound quality and sound engineering.
**ETA: Sunday 21-Sep 23:59
OK so, who's in? **Please give feedback if you're going to do something for the project.

Second challenge is the first 30 seconds of these alien sounds:


  • Got some free time on my hands and this is what came out.

  • Got some free time on my hands and this is what came out.

    Sample used as follows:

    • Changed track to midi feed by the sample, then added an arpeggiator and sampler to restrict the sample to a bit where you hear very acute sounds in a chromatic progression but with random notes rising;
    • chord with sample cut+paste+reverse to extend it in a kind of way to sound like it was played that way, added chorus and delay effects;
    • bass was done with the sample too with the vocoder effect, corpus for tuning the note, and then auto filter to remove the higher frequencies and auto pan for tremolo effect, there are two tracks because each one is playing one note only LOL;
    • whistle sound, forward and backwards, also taken from the original sample, just so it creates a nice strings effect that combined with the chord and the delay gives a weird bird sound effect;
    • same whistle sound used as you see in the image with volume automation to sound like a riser sound;
    • final part of the sample used as is, with just lowered half tone and added delay effect.

    Images below.



    Final sample part


  • Nice! Anyone else get a Missy Elliot vibe from this?

  • edited September 18

    @DJHazard said:
    Nice! Anyone else get a Missy Elliot vibe from this?

    Thanks mate! I was going more for an Air (take La Femme d'Argent for example) style but I'll take it! ;)

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