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72 video

Let's organize the video in here.

We're not in a hurry for it tho, if we get one done it's a bonus.


  • cool.
    yea will be quite a job, snapping all the vids together and the rendering that file... might take days... but not impossible.

  • If you want any hope of it surviving on YouTube without having to dispute a whole bunch of copyright claims and don't mind using live footage only, I'd advise it. I've had mashups insta removed for using official music videos, but I've not as of yet had one removed using live footage (just had the monetization rights claimed by labels).

    It's usually not that much of a faff to get it to synchronize fairly well. Just get a tap tempo reading of the live performance and figure out the ratio relative to the tempo of your mashup.

    If your mashup is slower than the performance, say 135bpm and the live video is 140bpm, 135 / 140 = 0.964, set the playback speed of the clip to 0.964.

    If it's the other way round and the mashup is faster, divide the other way round, 140 / 135 = 1.037, set the playback speed to that. This is how it can be done in Sony Vegas at least. It can take a little bit of shifting and stretching from there due to fluctuating tempo and such.

  • should we add the producer name in that part or leave it out?

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