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Remedy Remix

There's a local folk-y musician here called James Bennett that I really like, decided to try a remix of one of his tracks.

Here's my remix:

Here's the original:

Spoke to him on Messenger a while back (pella hunting!) - he's keen to have a listen when it's done, so if anyone had any thoughts i'd be keen to hear before I send him a link. Don't want to embarras myself...



  • stuff I don't really like in it (all personal taste stuff I guess):

    • the kick is distorted;
    • the auto-pan on the sound at 1:58 is distracting;
    • overall sounds a bit too much compressed but can be the work headphones that are weak.

    stuff I like in it:

    • that snare is wicked
    • the ride breaking the beat :love:
    • the composition of the overall song

    If you think those 3 things I've pointed out are ok to you, yeah send him the stuff, if he doesn't like some part or something and he's a good guy, he'll sugest changes and out can work it out with him I guess.
    Also, you should check out our remix kinda contest thing me and oki started today ;) ->

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