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Are we supposed to post tunes here now? If so - here's an idea that needs vocals.


  • I really like this. I've drafted up it with Iggy Pop - Passenger, Pat Benatar "Love is a Battlefield", Nine Inch Nails "Wish" and Fergie "Glamorous". I like the way the Iggy Pop one is working out... let me know you want to hear me butcher your excellent tune I'll finish mone of them off.

    Note I won't be offended at all if you demand I refrain from going any further.

  • Yeah just dump tunes and that in the Lounge.
    If the Lounge gets overwhelmed with music posts we'll start a "your music" section.

    If it's for a specific project or you're after someone to work on a collab (vocals for example) post it in the Lab.

    Also, I'm planning on starting a sister project to the Crumplbanger Orchestra.
    The Orchestra proved we've got some actual musicians among us, reckon we could make some proper music together.
    Crumplbanger Orchestra for the silly stuff, the new project for "serious" collaborations..

  • Like the tune btw. Got an instant feeling of Airwolf meets Silver Bullet.

  • Nice Jez. What synths did you use?
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