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Board tweaks

Just been tweaking the site a little. Seemed overly complicated so got rid of bits and tidied it up.

I've scrapped the " your music" board. I've you've made music and want to show it off just dump it here in "The Lounge".
Same with "site news" and other bits.

So basically The Lab is for projects, collaborations and challenges, everything else goes in The Lounge.

Is that any better?


  • I like it. Simple. Maybe call "The Lounge" "The (Listening) Lounge"? Just a thought/idea.

  • @MrFive said:
    Maybe call "The Lounge" "The (Listening) Lounge"?

    At the minute it's for tunes and chat and everything else that doesn't have a specific place.
    I reckon if the board gets busier then we can start splitting it into relevant sections.

  • I've changed the default front page to discussions, instead of categories.
    You can still change between them with the icons at the top of the page.

    Which do you prefer, how it is just now (discussions) or how it was (categories)?

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