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Streaming solutions

If we're gonna do Crumplstock again we need a good streaming solution.

Before we used mixlr which most people got working easily enough.
We need something that's just as simple and straightforward (and free) so nobody is left out.

We used the mixlr app to connect to mixlr site then embedded the mixlr player on the crumplstock site.


If we could get a simple streaming app we could cut out the middle-man and stream direct to and from this site.


Our main choices would be Icecast or OBS.

Audio only. It's been about for an age with many ways to get it running and loads of documentation.
Downsides are it's a bit techy and not newb friendly.

OBS: Video and audio. Used for most broadcasting just now, it's well supported and has a vibrant app community.
Downside is it does need configuring, especially for video, altho it does have a auto-config wizard.
We don't really need video too, it'll hog bandwidth on slow internet connections. I guess if you can't stream video you could turn the video bitrate down or something.

I 'm leaning towards OBS as our app, just for ease of use for DJs, but I reckon I could get either of those to work on the crumplserver.
Configuring them for multiple connections or switching between streams during crumplstock might be a hassle but I'll figure it out.

I'll keep looking into it.
Any thoughts drop them below.


  • Bandwidth is another thing to consider if we host streams ourselves.
    This server will use bandwidth for the incoming stream and bandwidth for every person listening/watching. That will mount up fast with HD video if we use OBS.
    I read somewhere that 2 hours could chew up 10GB bandwidth for just a few listeners. Wouldn't want to run out of bandwidth halfway through a crumplstock weekender.

    Not a problem with audio only.

  • I wanted to ask how your test went.

  • I still have to listen to it carefully but yesterday did a stream on and it was pretty straight forward. But then at night tried another stream and the server refused the connection (without any message in my account). Then I did the stream on twitch and it was fine too.
    The problem on my streaming software (streamlabs OBS) is that it may not allow for personalized stream URL.
    Also, like I said on Facebook, agree on the personalized server idea, there are a few options here
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    There must be something we can use lol

  • @Budtheweiser said:
    this might work

    I don't see that working, it just plays songs from your pc.

  • As I said long ago, I have an icecast server up and running, with enough bandwidth. I could easily make it available to everybody, my offer still stands. If I need to setup something for video streaming, I need to check if the bandwidth would be enough.

  • We've got a server, this one right here.

    It'd be much easier and less hassle if we can get DJs to stream straight to this server, cut out the middle man.
    We just need a way to do it and I think OBS might be the best option.

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    @pom said:
    I think OBS might be the best option.

    Either that or someone makes a clone of a video call service, like viber, whatsapp, skype, etc.
    That could be a different option for us, a video conferencing server. Usualy those have less to configure.
    Was looking at this:


  • I didn't know OBS but it seems a good solution indeed on the client side. The challenging task is setting up the server for selecting which input stream will be live indeed. Or we do as before, one link for each broadcaster...

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